Service Zone – reception area, food courts, public amenities etc.

Development Zone – location of labs, research facilities, incubators and industrial park offices.

Craw Materials Zone – primary processing and warehousing for raw materials.

Logistics Zone – lorries parking area, warehouses and logistics facilities.

Technology Zone – local sewage treatment facility, electricity generation facilities etc.

Production Zone – bio-based materials and products.

Production Zone – post-use materials secondary and tertiary processing.

Production Zone – products for resource efficiency.

 The zoning map above contains detailed outlines of designated zones suitable for economic and industrial activities within the limits of respective protection zones.

Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park is well suited for further scaling, with total area of former sulphur mining and processing operations being over 2.6 ha. During the public consultations in 2015, swathe of brownfield to the south of NRIP area was designated by community leaders for recultivation and subsequent transfer to NRIP. However, it requires a proper recultivation and a legal audit.


Land lots to the south-east of current NRIP area are also suitable for industrial use. These lots are adjacent to the private power station. These were the main production premises for sulphur processing. Therefore, these land lots require deconstruction and (possibly) decontamination works.

Some former Sirka areas are designated as hunting terrains, others – as possible solar power farm, yet others should remain under scientific supervision and used for scientific research purposes.