Idea of setting up industrial park on the post-sulphur mining area of Sirka enterprise (brownfield) first discussed.


Suitable land lot selected for Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park (NRIP).

The land lot legally transferred to Novyi Rozdil City Council.

Project documentation for recultivation of would-be NRIP land lot developed. Project application submitted for the EUfundedcross-border cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013 call for proposals.


Project contract signed within the crossborder cooperation programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013.

Recultivation of the NRIP land lot according to the project documentation. Concept of the NRIP developed and approved by the Novyi Rozdil City Council. NRIP’s business plan developed, impact analysis conducted, prefeasibility study for public-private partnership delivered.

Project documentation for road networks towards and within the NRIP developed. Project documentation for engineering infrastructure (gas, electricity, water, sewage) in the NRIP developed. Masterplan (zoning plan) for NRIP developed, zoning plan for wider Sirka territory developed. Centre for Regional Development in Novyi Rozdil is set up. Training seminars for local stakeholders organized, public hearings on NRIP-related issues held.


Project applications and project delivery for stage 1 engineering infrastructure according to the project documentation. Extending electricity supply to the NRIP land lot. Upgrade and extension of water supply to the NRIP.

NRIP investment promotion. Engaging anchor investors to the NRIP. Soliciting proposals and signing up a management company for the NRIP.

Further engagement of resident companies to the NRIP. Development of NRIP according to the NRIP concept and masterplan.

Existing Infrastructure


Road Infrastructure

There is a road directly to the northern entry to the NRIP from M06 Kyiv-Chop European autoroute. In 2015 the wearing course (asphalt concrete) was replaced. There is a purpose-built internal road crossing the park in the northsouth direction.

Railway Infrastructure

There are 3 railways crossing the industrial park area, connecting the park to the Khodoriv – Novyi Rozdil railway link. All railways are for freight railway cars. 2 railways require renovation.

Electricity Supply

There are 3 possible electricity connection points. Within 200m from the northern NRIP border there is a 6.3 MW substation and 20 MW substation connected to the Rozdil substation of Lvivoblenergy city with respectively 110 kV and 35 kV power lines.

1 connection point belong to the local utility Energia – Novyi Rozdil. (Within 500m from the north-east border of the industrial park to their power station).

Gas Supply

High-pressure gas pipe (28 atm) and medium pressure gas pipe (10 atm) are crossing the industrial park. High-pressure gas pipe belongs to the local utility Energia – Novyi Rozdil. Medium pressure gas pipe belongs to the Novyi Rozdil State Enterprise Sirka and is running along a southeast border of the industrial park, adjacent to the park area.

Water Supply

There is a water supply pipe available at the industrial park . Raw water supply capacity from the underground aquifer allows for 176 m /day for mixed use and 20 l/s use for fire extinguishing purpose. There is a water fire pumping station in the direct vicinity of the industrial park area and a drinking water reservoir with the 3000 m capacity to the north of the industrial park area.

Planned Infrastructure

Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park will provide its residents with all necessary road and engineering infrastructure.


Road Infrastructure

To provide a more convenient access to the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park area, 2 new roads are planned and 1 road is marked for reconstruction: Southern entry – reconstructing a partly available road to the south of the NRIP that would shorten the distance to the industrial park from M06 road by almost 5km. New road between the lakes Seredne and Hlyboke for recreational use. The road is currently used for ad hoc inspections. Northern entry structural renovation of the existing road through the town of Novyi Rozdil (main existing entry road).

Electricity Supply

To provide for the needs of the industrial park’s residents, a 35/10 kV substation with 2*6,3 MW capacity will be built at the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park.

Gas Supply

To provide for a more convenient gas supply (and an alternative gas provider) for Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park residents, construction of a medium pressure gas pipe from the Energia Novyi Rozdil (local utility) power plant is planned. Construction of a gas distribution and conversion substation is planned for construction too.

Water Supply

Project documentation for construction of a pumping station and water supply network with 50 m /h capacity is available. Respectively, sewage system with the 50 m /h capacity is planned too.

As of 2017, Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park offers land plots for industrial use


  • Land plots recultivated in 2014 – 2015
  • Available for long-term rent (up to 50 years) from 2017 adjacent to the existing road
  • In the vicinity from gas, mains and water supplies.
  • Direct links to the engineering infrastructure in 2016 based on project documentation developed in 2015.
  • Option to merge land plots into a single lot as and if necessary.

Novyi Rozdil City Council can accommodate specific needs of investors while working on engineering infrastructure to the specified land plots.