Technical Specifications

The Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park estate has the following technical specifications:

• Railway: there are two fully operational wide-gauge rail lines, a third one is available in the close proximity to the Park land area.
• Gas: a distribution pipeline of intermediate pressure crosses the Industrial Park area, construction of the Gas Distribution Station is planned to provide 2000 q.m./h gas to the residents.
• Electricity: power lines located directly near the Industrial Park area border. Expected capacity – 7-10 MW. Electricity power transformer for 35/10 KV voltage levels is foreseen in the Park.
• Drinking water: planned capacity of 50 q.m./h.
• Industrial water: planned capacity of 180 q.m./h.
• Water for structured fire-fighting: provision is planned as per legal requirements.
• Sewage: Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park will make use of sewage treatment system of state-owned sulphur mining enterprise formerly located in the area (covering the needs of 2400 ha industrial estate).
• Road network: there is an operational concrete surface road suitable for heavy-load traffic. Further road infrastructure is planned in accordance with the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park zoning.