Lviv Oblast has a population of 2.6 mln, 280 km on EU border (with Poland) and a total area of 21.800 sq.m. of. Over 750 thousand live in Lviv, – regional center and one of the largest metropolitan areas in Ukraine. Lviv is located just 75km from the Polish border. Lviv boasts of a modern airport (built in 2011-2012).

Region map

Oblast offers 4 automotive and 3 railway border crossings with Poland (EU). There are several major European autoroutes crossing the oblast. From West to East Berlin-Wroclaw-Lviv-Kyiv autoroute, and from North to South – Gdansk-Warsaw-Lviv-Odesa one.

Lviv oblast is one of the leading Ukrainian regions in terms of foreign direct investment. As of Jan 2014, FDI volume in the Lviv oblast stood at USD 1.706 mln.

There are several natural geographical subregions in Lviv oblast. One of those is Rozdillia subregion encompassing Zydachiv, Mykolayiv and Novyi Rozdil towns and surrounding areas. Over 135 thousand people are residing in Rozdillia subregion.

Rozdillia is well connected to the main European road networks via E471 road (Lviv-Stryi-Uzhgorod-Chop). Danish, German, Irish companies have invested into the subregion. Industry and construction continue playing an important role in the economy.

There are over 8000 hotel rooms, over 700 cafes and restaurants. The city center boasts free WiFi coverage. Recently built Lviv airport provides connections to major European capitals and is served by likes of Lufthansa, Austrian, LOT, Pegasus and Ukraine International Airlines. Western Ukraine in general and Lviv oblast in particular provides plentiful opportunities for active and green tourism as well as rich offering for family outings.

Carpathian mountains with its beautiful scenery, hiking tracks and mountain skiing resorts is just 2h away from Lviv (and 1h from Novyi Rozdil). Shatsk lakes in Volyn oblast are some of the largest lakes in Ukraine, just 3h further north from Lviv. Over quarter of Lviv oblast is covered by forests, with 400 natural protected areas and 2 national parks offering routes for both biking and hiking. There are over 30 castles and listed areas, over 130 spas and hundreds of mineral springs. Novyi Rozdil is located south of Lviv, closer to the Carpathian mountains. There are 29 thousand residents as of 2013.

58% of land in Lviv Oblast is used for agriculture, further 25% are covered by industrial forests, and still 6% are protected. Lviv region is where some regional rivers such as Buh, Sian and Dnister start their flow. In the mountainous areas small hydro projects are actively being developed.

Lviv oblast has some resources of oil, gas, shale, coal, sulphur, peat, potassium and sodium as well as mineral resources used by construction industry. There are 14 coal mines, 300 gas wells and 800 oil wells in operation. Forested in Lviv onlast are almost 700 thousand ha – 8% of all forests in Ukraine.