Human resources: demography

Novyi Rozdil is one of the few administrative units in Lviv region that has positive dynamics of the population growth. At the beginning of 2013 the total amount of citizens was 28.8 thous. people, including 13.6 thous. men and 15.5 thous. women. The number of working age (15 – 70 years by ILO methodology) citizens was 22.5 thous. people or 77.5% of the total population of the district, which is one of the highest figures in the region. The number of men of working age is 10.5 thous. persons (77.2% of the total male population), women – 12.0 thous. persons (77.4%).

Human resources: price


There are over 950 thousand people of working age in Lviv oblast. As of 2015, avarage monthly salary is UAH 3.600 (EUR 140). The highest salaries are in the industry, finance and IT. The region has a large shadow economy. Relatively large part of population works abroad, esp. on seasonal jobs.

Human capital in the region is highly educated. Over 43 thousands graduated from Universities in Lviv oblast in 2014. The graduates represented engineering (30%), management (16%), humanities (10%) and natural sciences (10%).

Human resources: competencies


Educational system in Novyi Rozdil caters local human capital development. There are five schools, two lyceums and one college in the town. Politechnic college and construction industry lyceum are the largest vocational educational institutions, with over 1300 students combined.

Education in Lviv

Regional centre Lviv (just 1h drive from Novyi Rozdil) is a host to a large variety of educational and research institutions. 12 Universities, 6 Academies, 4 institutes, 13 colleges, 9 vocational schools cater for 150 thousand students. There are over 200 R&D labs, institutes and facilities located in Lviv.

Annually, 30 thousand young professionals graduate from Lviv-based higher education schools. Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Lviv Polytechnic National University, two largest Universities in Lviv, regularly feature on top of the Ukrainian University rankings.