Rozdillia includes towns Zhydachiv, Mykolaiv, Novyi Rozdil of Zhydachiv and Mykolaiv districts of Lviv region.

Novyi Rozdil is located south of Lviv, closer to the Carpathian mountains. There are 29 thousand residents as of 2013. As one of the few purpose-built industrial towns, Novyi Rozdil is a rather unusual town in the region. It was built in 1953 near an Rozdil village alongside a large-scale sulphur mining facility. That facility (Sirka) was one of the largest open pit mining area in the former Soviet Union producing 800 thousand tons of sulphur fertilizers p. a. Former sulphur mining area now constitutes a bulk of 2367 ha of total Novyi Rozdil area. Regional development strategy (for the sub-region Rozdillia) approved in 2013 foresees new industries emerging on the former sulphur mining areas.

Enterprises in Rozdillia:

  • Recently built plant of Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine producing Ceresitrange of building products and system solutions, with over 400 items in the production range.
  • Mykolaiv Cement is region’s largest cement producer belonging to the CRH of Ireland.
  • Julius Koch Ukraine is a producer of highperformance technical textile (pull cords, tapes, ladder strings, nets and fencing etc.).
  • Duatex clothing production plant specializing in women and kids clothing. Belongs to Cadeau a/s of Denmark.
  • Dunapack Packaging is an enterprise of Prinzhorn Group (Germany) producing corrugated packaging materials.
  • Mondi Packaging Bags Ukraine (part of Mondi Group of companies) produces industrial paper bags.
  • Kohavynka Paper Mill is one of the largest consumer paper products producers in Ukraine.

 Enterprises in Novyi Rozdil:

  • DMZ Karpaty is a large plant producing cisterns, boilers, rail tanks and providing industrial services such as welding etc.
  • Novyi Rozdil State Mining and Chemical Enterprise “Sirka” is involved in distribution of gas and water and loamy soil extraction. It essentially owns viable industrial assets of former sulphur-mining state enterprises. In total, over 30 enterprises are active in the area of the former sulphur mining operations.
  • OWD-Elektrik production facility manufacturing cables for automotive industry employs over 1200 in Novyi Rozdil.
  • Energiya – Novyi Rozdil operates a power plant in the town supplying electricity, district heating and water to local residents and industrial users.
  • Euroton brick plant produces high-quality clinker bricks, moulded bricks, clay blocks etc.

 Sulphur Mining Area

Sulphur deposits located in the Rozdillia subregionwere identified in the mid-20th century. Theirindustrial use started in early 60-ties, first as a puremining and later as a full-cycle production of finesulphur and fertilizers. The area was called Sirkaby locals (sulphur in Ukrainian), just as a namesakeenterprise. At the peak, it produced over 800thousand tons of sulphur-based products, with over12.000 employees.

Yet at the end of 90-ties the production wasbecoming hearily loss-making. With sulphur depositsdeemed exhausted and non-economically viable, thestate started process of restructuring of the Sirkaenterprise. The company was divided into “good”and “bad” parts, recultivation of brownfields started,workforce gradually reduced, with production unitswound down.