Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park is located 60 km from Lviv, major metropolitan area in Western Ukraine, and 76 km from the border crossing with Poland / European Union (Medyka/Shehyni border crossing suitable for goods traffic). The Industrial Park area is connected with the E471 (Kyiv-Chop) international road with a 20 km regional road.

The Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park occupies an area of 46,4 ha with 24,2 ha available for industrial use. Individual slots of 0,5 ha – 15 ha are available in the Industrial Park and alloted as per zoning and technical specifications of the Park. The Novyi Rozdil Indstrial Park is located at the brownfield site of the former sulhur mining and processing plant and is being recultivated within the EU-funded project.

According the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park concept, the planned Industrial Park is an industrial area where eco-friendly materials, products and technologies are produced and related services provided. The resident companies in the Park will produce products for resource efficiency, post-use (both post-consumer and post-industry use) and bio-based materials and products. The Industrial Park will also play host to related recycling facilities providing input materials for the resident companies.

It is planned that the Park will be operational around 2017. There are fully equipped lots for industrial use in Novyi Rozdil in locations near the planned Industrial Park.

For further information and assistance in industrial facility location in Novyi Rozdil, please contact Centre for Regional Development.