Центр "Регіональний Розвиток"

Railway, roads linked with international routes, the proximity to the border with the EU create a fair investment attractiveness. Capacity of the Sirka enterprise ensured good specialists who are able and want to work.   Oleksandr Burun. «Rozdil Ceramics Factory», PJSC Director

While working on the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park’s concept, we learned how well some of the engineering infrastructure had been preserved at the former sulphur processing areas in Novyi Rozdil. Such brownfields hold a great potential to become regional economic development drivers as opposed to remaining environmental nuisances. Volodymyr Vorobey. Director of economic development agency PPV Knowledge Networks

The presence of both small industrial facilities as well as large manufacturers in the same area opens up opportunities for the development of new industrial links, – new type of business ecosystem. And eventually raw materials still availablein the Sirka area will be fully used by local industries. Ivan Mostovyy. Deputy Director of Rozdil State Mining and Chemical Enterprise “Sirka”...

Advantages of the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park

Location – good allocation of relatively developed industrial and consumer markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Why to invest in Ukraine?

Ukraine is famous for high level research and large number of inventions in the wide range of science and technology fields. It is also known for existing scientific and technical potential. The number of scientists and engineers per 1 million of residents amounts to more than 2 thousand which makes Ukraine be the 22nd country...

Action: “Enterprise development through making investment areas of the Municipality of Lubaczów accessible and the recultivation of degraded areas of Yavoriv and Novyi Rozdil districts”