Centre  for Regional Development is a modern dynamic institution focused on the implementation of Rozdillya development projects. The objective of the Centre is to consolidate government, business and communities’ efforts to solve common problems and create new opportunities for town of Novyi Rozdil and surrounding areas.
Legal name of the organization is Civic Union “Centre “Regional Development”.
EDRPOU – 39218244

Main focuses:

•Rozdillya’s industrial potential development;
•Management of investment processes;
•Development of human capital assets in the region;
•Implementation of social and economic projects under development strategy of the region.

The Centre begins its operations in June 2014 under the project “Development of entrepreneurship by improving access to the investment areas of Lubaczow and Lubaczow’s communes and restoration of degraded lands of Yavorivskyi district and the town Novyi Rozdil”. The project is carried out within the framework of cross-border cooperation among Poland, Ukraine and Belarus of 2007-2013 and is financed by European Union.

We are open to collaboration.