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Railway, roads linked with international routes, the proximity to the border with the EU create a fair investment attractiveness. Capacity of the Sirka enterprise ensured good specialists who are able and want to work.   Oleksandr Burun. «Rozdil Ceramics Factory», PJSC Director

While working on the Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park’s concept, we learned how well some of the engineering infrastructure had been preserved at the former sulphur processing areas in Novyi Rozdil. Such brownfields hold a great potential to become regional economic development drivers as opposed to remaining environmental nuisances. Volodymyr Vorobey. Director of economic development agency PPV Knowledge Networks...

The presence of both small industrial facilities as well as large manufacturers in the same area opens up opportunities for the development of new industrial links, – new type of business ecosystem. And eventually raw materials still availablein the Sirka area will be fully used by local industries. Ivan Mostovyy. Deputy Director of Rozdil State...

Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park

The Industrial Park is located in Lviv Oblast in Western Ukraine on the recultivated brownfield of former sulphur mining. The Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park has a total area of 46,4 ha with 24,2 ha suitable for industrial use.

Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park will focus on eco-friendly materials, products and technologies, i.e. products and technologies to increase resource efficiency, production of bio-based products and materials, recycling and processing of post-use materials and production of marketable goods from such materials.

Please check general profile of the Industrial Park or check it’s technical specifications. General concept of the Industrial Park, list of planned focus industries, and functional zoning of the Industrial Park are available on this site. You can also check the current status of the Industrial Park and contact us for further information.

Benefits of Industrial Parks

Availability Of Industrial Land Lots Suitable For Industrial Use

Industrial parks provide legally secure way to rent land lots designated for industrial use. The legal status of such land lots has been cleared by local authorities and their terms of use cannot be amended. Managing companies of industrial parks have information on land lots’ previous use and are entitled to negotiate price for long-term (up to 50 years) rent.

Managing Company Assistance

Industrial park’s managing company is directly responsible for managing the park and thus has a vested interest in attracting residents and providing them with a high level of service. Managing company assists interested parties and park’s residents in acquiring necessary building permits. Managing company provides connections to infrastructure and collaborates with local authorities to foster social infrastructure development. Managing company can also provide turn-key facilities for investors.

Pricing Flexibility

Managing companies of industrial parks are interested in long-term viability of their residents companis. They can price industrial land lots according to the initial investment required, re-channel rent into training and human development activities or price in investment into R&D and human training and development by the residents themselves.

Available Infrastructure

Industrial parks are connected to the infrastructure as per their concept plans. Industrial park’s managing company is responsible for connecting the resident’s land lot to the necessary infrastructure (mains, gas, water, sewage). Industrial park status assures priority treatment by the service providers. Managing company is taking into consideration needs of residents when investing into new infrastructure projects.

Embedding Into Business Support Eco-System

Industrial park’s managing company is well integrated into the national and regional business support ecosystem. It is collaborating with industry associations, chambers of commerce, clusters and civil society organizations and authorities at different levels. This enables managing companies to keep industrial parks’ residents abreast of the legal changes and better assist them in their daily operations.

Closer Supply Chain Integration And Better Stakeholder Engagement

Locating in an industrial park allows company to tap into local supply chains or to develop supply chains to the company’s needs in the direct vicinity. Industrial park co-location offers opportunities for residents to share costs and opportunities for human capital development, fosters knowledge transfer and innovation. It also makes easier to collaborate with external stakeholders.

Industrial Parks in Ukraine

Source: Assosciation of Industrial Park of Ukraine

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Action: “Enterprise development through making investment areas of the Municipality of Lubaczów accessible and the recultivation of degraded areas of Yavoriv and Novyi Rozdil districts”